Call our emergency dental Chicago specialists on 1-312-533-2498 to assist you. Do you have a dental emergency? Do not wait any longer.

We have 24 hour dentist offices in and around Chicago and specialize in dental help every day of the week. Call us anytime. Dental emergencies may worsen if not treated fast, so do not put it off another moment and call us now on (312) 533-2498.

emergency dentist Chicago Illinois

Our Chicago emergency dental centers are located in and around Chicago Illinois.

What happens after you call?

When you call our emergency dentist in Chicago you will be connected to one of our staff members. They will take down the initial details and hook you up with the dentist who is on call that day and you will be given the best location for your needs. You will also be informed of dental insurance and who can take your claim.

Some of the most seen issues for our dentists in Chicago will include things such as: tooth abscess, chipped or broken teeth, severe toothaches, infections in the mouth and tooth extractions.

What should you do in case of a dental emergency?

In cases of dental emergencies immediately call Emergency Dentist Chicago Illinois at (312) 533-2498 so we can direct you to the closest dental practice near you.

Whatever your emergency issue is, call us and put an end to the pain.

How you deal with a tooth problem depends upon what’s inflicting you. Assuming the tooth ache started with a mouth injury, here are a few useful things to do as described by the “Academy of Basic Dentistry”. This will cut back on the pain before you can see a dentist.

Rinse with warm salt water. Don’t drink the salt water; spit it out.
Gently floss to loosen any food particles in the teeth.

Use a over-the-counter pain reliever similar to aspirin, Motrin or Tylenol to relieve the pain. If your child has a bad toothache, use Tylenol (never give aspirin to children), but don’t put pain relieving drugs directly on gums or teeth. Instead, take them as described from the instructions on the bottle.

Put an over-the-counter gel or ointment with benzocaine straight on the painful tooth and gums. Making use of oil of cloves (eugenol) can also be a good remedy for numbing the gums and to stop the pain. The medical application can be rubbed directly on the sore area which will soak in after a short period of time.

Putting an ice pack on the outside of the mouth (not on the area that is injured), can also reduce swelling which will help lessen the discomfort before getting to one of our offices.

emergency dental Chicago Illinois

If you need an around the clock dentist in or around Chicago, we offer emergency dental treatments for new and existing patients. Our doctors provide a full and complete service for your tooth aches, broken teeth, veneers, dentures and any other related issues. Get in touch now with our Emergency dentists in Chicago Illinois at 312-533-2498.