After You Call a 24 Hour Chicago Dentist For A Tooth Extraction.


After You Call a 24 Hour Chicago  Dentist For A Tooth Extraction.

After a tooth extraction

If you have had a tooth extracted (removed), you will have to take good care of your mouth. If you start to do things from day one, you can feel better and heal faster.

Control bleeding

To help control bleeding, bite firmly on the gauze placed by your dentist. The pressure helps to form a blood clot in the tooth socket. If bleeding heavily, bite on a normal tea bag, the tannic acid in tea helps to form a blood clot. Follow biting the gauze or tea bag to stop the bleeding. It is normal for the first day experience a slight loss of blood.

Minimize the pain

To lessen the pain, take the prescribed painkillers as instructed. Do not drive while taking pain medication as these can make you sleepy. Ask your dentist if you can take medicines if you need them.

Relieve swelling

To reduce swelling, wear an ice pack on the cheek near the extraction site. To make a pack, put ice in a plastic bag and wrap the latter in a thin towel. Apply the ice pack on the cheek for 10 minutes, then remove it for 5 minutes. Repeat this procedure as often as necessary. You may leave a bruise on the face, this is normal and will disappear on their own.

Get enough rest

Limit your activity for 24 hours after extraction. Rest during the day and go to bed early. When in lying position, raise head slightly.


Tips that will help heal the mouth:

Eat soft foods and healthy snacks. Shortly after extraction, it will be easier to eat soft foods. Also, drink plenty of fluids.

Brush teeth gently. Avoid brushing around the extraction site. And do not use toothpaste, because this could dislodge the blood clot.

Keep the extraction are clean. Past 12 hours, you may be able to gently wash your mouth. Rinse 4 times a day with 1 teaspoon of salt dissolved in a glass of water. (But before you do this, consult your dentist.)


What to avoid:

Do not drink through a straw (straw), since the act of sucking could dislodge the blood clot.

Do not drink hot liquids, because heat can worsen the swelling. Limit your use of alcohol, because excessive drinking can delay recovery.

Do not smoke, because smoking can disintegrate the blood clot and cause pain in the dental cavity.


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