Aftermaths of Excessive Smoking

Of course, who could deny the extraordinary benefits of smoking? Aside from helping you relax and alleviate stress, this habit carries a quality which can enhance focus. Statistics show, over 50% of adults in U.S. smoke. These individuals are either in their early or late 50s. Regardless of age, cigarettes play an integral to the daily lives of mankind.

Unfortunately, the dental health effects of this habit are not as extraordinary as you think. Innumerable amount of studies proved that smoking can provide sour experiences to the teeth, lungs and the likes. Despite the given effects, lots of us still practice this behavior. Of course, smokers can always consider teeth whitening by a dentist.

Since smoking has direct contact on the mouth, there’s no surprising about the ill effects it could implicate to the teeth, jaw and gums. To learn more of it, read the given tidbits below.

Dental experts advocate the six common effects of cigarette smoking. Number one is the birth of tooth stains. Tooth stains affect the physical appearance of teeth. The primary cause is excessive smoking. Cigars are rich in nicotine, an ingredient that promotes stains. Although this can be treated by veneers and dental cleanings, the costs of these treatments may compromise your savings. When tooth stains transpire, bad breath follows. Nicotine ingredients don’t just activate stains, it also generates terrible breath.

While you settle with stains and bad breath, smoking may induce serious oral problems. The third most common effect is tooth decay. Dentists proved that smoking enhances dental plaques. These sticky films, if left ignored might result to dental tartar and infection. The infection brought by cavities may suggest root canal issues. With an infected tooth, you get higher chances of having gum disease. Gum disease affects your gums and soft tissues around it.

If you let smoking take over your oral health, this may cause extraction which results to tooth loss. Tooth loss often happens due to advanced gum disease cases. Other than tooth loss, extreme cases of gum disease can cause bone deterioration. If the following ill effects aren’t scary enough, then you might be surprised on the sixth ill effect – mouth cancer. Research shows, 90% of mouth cancer patients are smokers.

With the dreadful aftermaths caused by smoking, you surely know now what’s best. Practice oral hygiene and quit smoking.