Be “Red” to Boost & Improve Dental Health

Fruits and veggies are always considered as perfect keys for boosting oral health. These food types are rich in vitamins and nutrients that protect mouth and teeth from dental problems. Dental problems are not just detrimental to our mouth. According to experts, dental problems have links to different health issues. Heart disease, diabetes and stroke are among the commonest health problems associated with oral problems, added by dental experts. While some of us still have issues on how to resolve the above problems, here are the several places to get teeth whitened and obtain healthier mouth.

Be “Red” to Boost & Improve Dental Health

Fortunately, there are countless ways to improve and maximize dental health. Good oral hygiene is the most popular technique for improving dental health. This healthful regimen involves a series of tactics, including daily brushing, dental flossing and regular consultations with a dentist. With good hygiene and nutritious diet, dental health is boosted.

In terms of nutritious diet, there are lots of ways to consider. Number one is thinking about the right foods to eat. Based on experts, when seeking the perfect foods for your diet, always look into reds. Obviously, the color red holds different meanings. In China, this color possesses and symbolizes good fortune and luck to humans; in Sweden, red is for privileged class. Moreover, in the state of America, women who wear red get more attention to men. With this fact alone, there’s no question why red also promote healthy goodness to dental health.

Naturally, there are countless fruits and veggies that hold shades of red, like apples, beets and grapes. These wholesome foods are filled with vitamins and nutrients that can improve both oral and overall health and prevent dental problems. While fruits hit the top list, here are the others that complete the fruit package.

Cranberries are like a tart little fruit that are normally seen during holidays. Vodka lovers even utilized this fruit as their mixer. Besides adding flavors to vodkas and all, there is one thing that makes you love and adore cranberries – it can promote good oral health. Experts verified, cranberries play an integral to human mouth. That is why it is deemed as part of those who completes the fruit package. Cranberries are antioxidant fruits. It comes with tons of health-promoting phytochemical. Research stated that this fruit is packed with Vitamin C, resveratrol, quercetin and is low in calories. Just like other fruits, cranberries are also fiber rich! Due to its incomparable features, cranberries are naturally plaque fighters and can lower the odds of tooth decay. Lab tests revealed that cranberries block molecules that form plaques. These sticky substances form in your teeth that can develop cavities and other dental-related issues.

Next to cranberries are strawberries. These delicate fruits are filled with vitamins and like cranberries, strawberries are antioxidants fruits. Strawberries contain enzyme, known as malic acid. Malic acids are commonly present in toothpaste and are also used by dentists when preparing your teeth for fillings. Since strawberries have Vitamin C, it allows speedy recovery for surgery patients. Plus it helps repair bone and gum grafts. Another known fruit as cancer fighter are tomatoes. Tomatoes have lycopene and vitamins. These help us fight any types of cancer, including mouth cancer.

When practicing healthy diet, always go with reds. These help you construct healthy teeth and body.