What should be considered when looking for a local Chicago teeth whitening specialists? Rules must be observed in advanced by the patient of teeth whitening.  Before application of any teeth whitening measures a thorough cleaning of the tooth surface (professional dental cleaning) is necessary to remove all existing deposits on the tooth surface including any discoloration caused by food and beverage. After doing this  step  significant aesthetic changes are already eliminated in most cases.

It also applies to check for any other issues before using any teeth whitening products. Ensure that the teeth are care free and no symptoms of periodontal disease, such as bleeding gums or gum pocket exist. Be sure that any existing issues, especially on the teeth to be bleached,  are eliminate by following the above measures before beginning the tooth whitening.

Furthermore, existing fillings or veneers made of ceramic or plastic materials of existing crowns or bridges cannot be influenced by a teeth whitening. Thus, the patient must also be informed that in the aftermath of a tooth whitening and that it may require extensive measures for  new fillings or crowns, bridges may be necessary.

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Expected results should be discussed with the patient. Bad teeth or teeth that have been treated by a root canal treatment and subsequent root filling can often exhibit discoloration. By whitening methods, which consist in that the lightening preparation is introduced into the tooth, possibly a more elaborate crown supply or manufacture of veneers (veneers) can be avoided.
In a bleaching treatment, the dentist should be consulted for clarification of appropriate measures.


Which whitening is realistic? And how long does the white?
The success rates reported in the literature for bleaching treatments differ greatly. During treatment a significant whitening of the teeth is usually observed initially. After corresponding color scale can certainly be 1-2 levels, but also can be more. Basically, you have to distinguish between the bleaching non-vital (dead) and vital (living) teeth. Non-vital teeth are lightened by means of a deposit of H2O2-releasing bleaching agent (eg, carbamide peroxide) inside the tooth.
For optimal lightening discolored teeth a repeated insert into the tooth is often necessary.
Vital discolored teeth can be with the help of drug delivery systems (rails) as so-called home bleaching action in which the carbamide peroxide gel is placed in, brightened. The patient wears this splint during the day at certain times. The treatment should not exceed 4-6 weeks. Another method is the so-called “in-office bleaching.” Here, the dentist uses highly concentrated bleach. The bleaching agent is applied directly to the tooth surface after prior protection of the gum rubber cuffs or sealant, and remains there in accordance with the instructions for use for a time under the control of the dentist. After it is thoroughly removed and the control of the bleaching results can be made immediately.


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