Coca-Cola to Dental Care Industry

The Legendary Truth of Coca-Cola to Dental Care Industry

In the past, humans only use twigs to clean their teeth. This device helps them secure teeth and eliminate food debris. Twigs with a frayed end are the first dental care device based on dental history, showcased by quality dentistry. As years passed, twigs are placed into good use as a way to create toothbrushes. These twigs are paired with feathers, porcupine quills and animal bones. Those years, primitive toothbrushes served as a good example to mankind as the best mean to boost dental health.

As dental technology continues to evolve, toothbrushes and other dental devices became advanced. From primitive toothbrushes, you can see electric toothbrushes and special air floss.

Despite the advancements developed by dental specialists, some individuals prefer not to change on their living. These unhealthy behaviors expose them to dental problems. Tooth decay is amongst the common dental issues nowadays.

Tooth decay comes with several names. Dentists and patients often called this disease as cavities or dental caries. Regardless of this, tooth decay is not a sure fun. This dental problem affects both the aesthetics and inner areas of the teeth. Based on research, tooth decay is an oral disease. This is the one of the common problems suffered by kids and adults irrespective their age and genders.

With all the changes happening in dentistry, the fact remains that acidic food and drinks are a huge no, no!

In terms of acids, carbonated and soft drinks come in the top list. Soft drinks, like the famous and sweet coca-cola is not an exemption to that. According to experts, drinking coca-cola can dissolve tooth enamel. Tooth enamel is an essential tissue found in your tooth. This part is visible and is used to cover the crown to protect human teeth from damages. While you ingest too much coca-cola, the enamel becomes exposed to dental erosion, a dental condition that wears the enamel off!

Regardless of brand names, soft drinks are unhealthy to drink. Consider drinking water after intake of this drink. Water cleanses your mouth. This liquid drink eliminates sugar and acid traces, keeping your teeth free from dental plaques.

If your teeth are free from plaques, you have higher chances to retain wholesome oral health. Of course, don’t forget to practice regular hygiene. Brush your teeth twice daily and floss them once a day. To complete the equation, see your dentist twice a year. Your personal dentist will help you maintain an excellent dental health while keeping dental problems away from you.