Colored Retainers Your Final Step for Straighter Teeth

Colored Retainers Your Final Step for Straighter Teeth

Orthodontics plays a major role in our lives. Their treatments, especially the orthodontic retainers, work to make your teeth strong, healthy and straight. Of course, all thanks to the people behind it: the orthodontists.

Professional orthodontists offer a number of dental treatments. Their most popular treatment is dental braces. And when there’s a dental brace, there exists an orthodontic retainer, a therapy considered by those who finished wearing dental braces. Orthodontists consider this treatment as the final step of your orthodontic treatment plan. Just like dental braces, colored retainers involved a process helps you maintain straight and healthy teeth.

Individuals who finished wearing dental braces should put on retainers. The primary reason is to maintain your teeth in perfect place especially now that your teeth along with your soft tissues and jawbone settle to a new location. Similar with dental braces, these retainers are great to wear full time. After a few months, you will only wear this at night. What makes orthodontic retainers special, like dental braces, is that you can wear this according to your style and preference. Of course, with the help of your dentist who cater dental emergency service, you can choose the most appropriate type of orthodontic retainer.

These retainers come with several types. The most common and popular type is the Hawley retainers. This orthodontic retainer consists of wires that hold your teeth in place and acrylic that is molded based on your mouth’s shape and fit. The acrylic of this retainer usually made of traditional flesh tone that helps your retainers creative.

There are several variations you can choose to make your retainers creative. Orthodontic retainers today come with several colors. Furthermore, your dentist can personalize this through applying different features, like glow in the dark, decals and glitters. Name and think of any artistic designs, your dentist may provide all those. Just don’t forget that all these are of size of a quarter. The artistic designs and colorful features added to your retainers are for amusement, fun and pleasure purposes only!

Should your dental braces plan will soon to finish, you can ask your dentist about orthodontic retainers. Orthodontic retainers will help you maintain your braces’ effect. Besides testing your artistic side, this orthodontic device helps your jawbone, soft tissues and teeth stay on its perfect place! Simply ask your dentist to learn more about this dental device.

Visit your dentist now and ask about orthodontic retainers.