Composite Resin 101

Dental care is a significant tool in achieving a healthy body. Aside from securing your teeth, the practice safeguards the overall health. Dental care is a preventative method. However, due to bad lifestyle and unhealthy oral habits, the teeth remain prone to tooth decay and cavities.Composite Resin 101

Fortunately, we can always rely on restorative treatments like dental fillings.

Dental fillings come in several types. The most conventional treatment is amalgam. Amalgam filling is a popular dental material that is used to treat and cure cavities. Unlike other filling materials amalgam is the most inexpensive one and is proved to be durable and reliable to use. However, athey require more drilling processes compared to other filling materials. And because it doesn’t go well with your teeth’s color some dentists find it unsuitable for filling cavities.

Thanks to dental technology today and composite resin restorations!

Unlike amalgam fillings, composite resin filling doesn’t lack aesthetics. As outlined by research, composite resin fillings are made from a tooth-colored plastic mixture and silicon dioxide. Since this dental material mimics the natural color of your teeth you’ll find it easier and comfortable to wear. Similar with other filling materials composite resin is durable and versatile. It is widely used to: restore decayed teeth, reshape a chipped  or broken tooth and replace a tooth filled with amalgam.

Composite resin fillings are direct fillings. This common type of dental restoration is less costly compared to other indirect fillings like dental inlays. And like with other restorative methods this has its own cons.

 Dentists in Chicago Illinois proved that composite resin fillings make your teeth prone to sensitivity. That is why it pays to treat your newly filled tooth with proper care. Just like your natural teeth, composite resin fillings are vulnerable to stains and breakage. To avoid this prevent any staining agent products, like coffee. Of course, don’t forget to practice dental care. Always remember to brush and floss your teeth daily.

If your composite resin filling needs repair visit your dentist immediately. Keep in mind that prolonging the damage can make your wallet strained which may require larger restorations and expensive treatments.

Dental treatments may come handy and sometimes costly. Hence, always treasure your teeth to make it last longer.