Composite Resin Fillings: The Best Method Enhancing the Teeth

With the great number of dental restoration methods today, improving the teeth aesthetically is no longer a problem. Dental restoration is a procedure that is applied to dental patients who have missing tooth structure. The missing tooth structure is usually caused by dental caries and trauma. Fortunately, this problem is no longer an issue today due to the dental restorative materials. One of the most effective dental restoration methods used today mainly in walk in dental offices is the composite resin fillings.


Composite resin filling is a dental restorative material that boosts the appearance of the teeth. It features a natural look that resembles the tooth, exhibiting a perfect set of white and healthy teeth. This procedure is mostly used by specialists when filling cavities on the front areas of the teeth. This filling is beneficial and easier to work with since they come handy and affordable. Indeed, they are truly inexpensive compared to gold fillings. When the dentist performs such method, he will first numb the teeth, tongue and gums. To start the numbing procedure, he will put a jelly substance and then inject it with an anesthesia. Since this process is stingy, your dentist might apply laughing gas or nitrous oxide gas to eliminate pain. Once everything is set, the dentist will target the damaged tooth using a piece of metal frame. This tool is also used to stop the tooth chips and liquid from penetrating your mouth. The next important step is to dry the mouth while placing the filling into the hole. To keep the filling in place, a special light tool is used. With this, the dentist can now stop any cavities and decays from entering your teeth. However, remember that you must replace the filling as they tend to get weary eventually.


The composite resins showcase exquisite results though the process is lengthy and is complicated compared to amalgam filling. Moreover, this dental procedure is also pricy and intricate. Speaking of which, this filling is risky especially to patients who suffer from heart-related problems. Experts suggest the individuals to speak first with their dentist before undergoing the said process. Usually, dentists offer antibiotics to patients with heart problems prior to the procedure. This will help ensure that there will be no additional issues that might endanger the life of the patient. You should know that this filling procedure is not perfect. It has unwanted side effects which may afflict the patient. Some of these effects may cause bacteria that might enter the bloodstreams, causing infections to the body. With this, it’s smart to seek your own 24-hour dentist upfront.


Just like the other dental treatments, composite resins are not made for everybody. Therefore, it is important to speak first with the dentist before considering the operation. Nevertheless, no one can still deny the efficiency of this procedure. This is because aside from having superb results, they are also durable. If paired with basic dental care, this filling could last up to ten years. If you think you’re fit to this procedure, consult your dentist and enjoy the composite resin’s greatness! Remember, it takes a single smile to complete the entire day!