Dental Anxiety and Its Dangerous Implications

Let’s face it – nobody wants to get inflicted by dental problems. Aside from jeopardizing your oral health, this can also influence your overall health. Medical conditions today involve oral manifestations. That is why it pays to learn the perilous things that may affect the oral health. In some ways, dental treatments are deemed as the scariest creature on Earth. Most of those individuals who believed to this have dental anxiety. Dental anxiety is a worldwide oral condition that affects both men and women. As outlined by analysis, nearly 15 percent of Americans are affected by dental fear. Dental anxiety is a very vast word.  These fears involve fear of needles, fear of embarrassment, fear of pain, apprehensions and gagging. And is best handled by emergency dentist Chicago IL.

Dental Anxiety and Its Dangerous Implications

As cited above, dental anxiety impacts both men and women. However, research shows that there are top-three individuals who are much prone to anxiety and dental fear. These individuals are known as the adults, middle-aged women and female redheads.

Anxiety is both physiological and psychological state. It is considered as a normal effect particularly to stress or tension. Everyone experience fear, uneasiness and worry especially to adults. Study shows that adult individuals are the top-most frightful people when facing an oral treatment. This study is proven by the courtesy of Adult Dental Health Survey. Adults are reported to be much scared to face dental appointments. In fact, these seniors cringed at the thought of drilling their teeth. It has also depicted that adults are fearful when it comes to hospital visits and injections. On the contrary, middle-aged women follow the experiences of adults. These women suffer most on dental anxiety. Analysis shows women who are in their 40s are proven to be reluctant when it comes to seeing their dentists. This is due to the supplied oral treatments. Researchers also concluded that women in their 40s are more anxious, depressed, stress and more prone to trauma. Most middle-aged women prefer to see their dentists 17 days after.

Just like old peeps and middle-aged women, female with redheads are also prone to dental anxiety. Although this fact appears to be unreasonable, experts proven that female with redheads have higher levels of dental anxiety. Redhead women are genetically susceptible to fear of pain. Since some dental treatments involve intricate procedures, these types of women suffer an increased level of fear. Study shows that female with redheads are among the common individuals who lack dental care. The genes of these women comprise higher risks of anxiety compared to people with darker hair color. Since redhead females have issues on dental treatments, they prefer higher doses of anesthesia. This can ensure pain-free procedure.

Regardless of your gender, age or hair color, preventative dentistry is important especially those with anxiety problem. Dental problems are treatable. These can be prevented with good oral hygiene and regular dental visits. Good oral hygiene involves eating healthy foods and skipping bad oral habits, like drinking and smoking. While you consider these methods, surely you can prevent cavities. Of course, consulting a dentist completes the equation. Whatever issues you have, always remember that dentists can be of hand.