Diabetes & Its Connection to Human Oral Health

Statistics indicated that over 23 million Americans are suffering from diabetes. Diabetes or also known as “diabetes mellitus” is a condition that implicates high blood sugar levels. This group of metabolic diseases involves a myriad of symptoms include frequent urination, increased hunger and thirst. If left ignored, this condition may cause complication. Besides affecting the general state of the body, diabetes affects the human oral health. This is proven by the statement given by our 24 hour dentist service in Chicago IL.

Diabetes & Its Connection to Human Oral Health

Based on research, diabetes can cause acute complications. This includes diabetic ketoacidosis and nonketotic hyperosmolar coma. Medical experts confirmed that diabetes is chronic disease that when leads to long-term complications, this may lead to stroke and heart-related disease. Aside from that, this may generate kidney failure and eye damages.

Whilst you think about the complex effects brought by diabetes, you should be aware about its effects to your oral health.

As outlined by research, increased blood sugar level can develop periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is a common ailment that doesn’t just affect gum health but also cause your blood sugar to rise. In turn, diabetics with gum disease find it difficult to overcome such dilemma.

Since diabetes do no good to human oral health, it pays to learn the greatest relationship of this condition to gum disease. When you fight gum disease, the higher chances you can fight diabetes.

As what is explained above, gum disease is an infection to your gums. This particularly attacks the soft tissues that support your teeth. Gingivitis is the mildest form of this condition. The warning signs and symptoms involve red, tender gums and halitosis. If gingivitis is ignored, the level of seriousness elevates. This leads to gum disease. This comes with severe signs, like receding gums, pus and loss of tooth.

Since gum disease silently lurks into your oral health, it doesn’t mean it brings no harm. Other than red, swollen, bleeding and receding gums, periodontal disorder can also be identified through existence of pus. Individuals with gum disease have pus between teeth and gums. Moreover, they acquired bad breath and loss of permanent teeth. If you notice some changes in the way your teeth fit when you bite something, you may also be affected with gum disease. Also, gum disease affects the fit of partial dentures and bridge.

Since diabetes and gum disease are no-fun companions, it’s a smart move to keep them at bay. For diabetics and sufferers of gum disease, consider keeping your sugar level stable. This way, gums stay healthy and your body becomes free from diabetes. If gums are in good shape, your teeth are free of plaques and dental tartars. These sticky films are a group of bad bacteria that causes dental problems.

To maintain an excellent oral and overall health, apply regular dental care. Good oral hygiene is the key to fight and prevent dental problems and general health issues, like diabetes. Remember to brush and floss teeth daily. To top that, visit your dentist twice a year. Your personal dentist will help you achieve a wholesome dental health.