Facts of Disposable Medical Mask

What is a medical mask? Medical mask, also known as surgical mask, is a personal, loose-fitting disposable protective equipment mask. Surgical or medical masks are being used by health professionals during medical procedures, and mostly needed now that we’re facing a deadly virus. The mask was made for its limited safety purpose. It prevents you from transmitting and/or catching any type of disease that can be life threatening, but how long can we wear the disposable mask? How will it affect us if we try to reuse them? What is the proper way of using a medical or surgical mask? To discover that, read below:

What is the proper way of using a medical mask?

  • Before you even touch your medical mask, make sure to clean your hands with soap and water or at least apply some hand sanitizer.
  • Never forget to wear your mask with the help of the ear loops on each side.
  • Ensure that both nose and mouth are covered carefully and completely with a mask, and mold or pinch the metallic strip edge on top of your nose.
  • It’s unlikely to touch the mask while you’re using it, specifically if you’re outside. Do NOT touch your mask unless your hands have been washed or sanitized.
  • If you are eating, prepare an envelope of something that you can put your mask on.
  • Medical masks are worn out only once then throw it in a bin, as recommended by emergency oral surgeon. To properly dispose the mask; lift both strap of each side of the ear loops , and throw the mask in the trash.
  • Clean your hands with soapy water and apply hand sanitizer.

How long can we use the disposable medical mask?

  • As what have been stated earlier, disposable masks are only worn once in a day.
  • It is a one-time use that should be thrown away and replaced with a new one in 2 – 4 hours of use.

Some says that medical mask can be reuse by spraying it with a cleaning solution that has 70% of sanitizing alcohol, and 30% of water in your hand-sanitizing bottle. You can reuse the disposable masks, but be aware that it can contaminate the clean side. Medical masks are still a one-time use only, so it is a must to just use it once, especially if you just got home from public places or in an open environment during pandemic. Disposable means disposable, after all.