Fall Foods: A Bite of Teeth Friendly Goods

Food for White Teeth

The best way of experiencing fresh fruits and vegetables is when they are in season. The limited time these foods are available makes them special than the stuff that you usually eat that are readily available for the rest of the year. You should always take advantage of fresh and flavourful products that are rich in healthy vitamins and minerals. They are also a good value for your money with all the health benefits and affordability.

People get excited on the thought of holidays and feasts this fall. Think of all the cakes, pies, pastries and drinks on special gatherings. The bad bacteria in your mouth also await these kinds of special events as they also enjoy your favorite sweet treats and drinks.  Your oral health may not be one of your concerns on these certain situations. There’s no arguing that your brain sometimes won’t be thinking about tooth decay and all the dental risks. Most especially when you face all the different platters of food and treats in one table that comes once a year.  You might even find yourself thinking of how many kinds of treats you can fit on a plate or two. Partying and eating tasty foods can go hand in hand with taking care of your oral health I more ways than you think.

Outlined below are fruits and vegetables you can enjoy this fall that is also good for your dental health.

Cranberries. These tart bad boys are fresh and great staples this fall. You can see them preserved or canned year round so it’s best to grab them at their raw form. Cranberries are great in fighting tooth decay. The compounds in them disrupt the enzyme producing ability of the bacteria that stops dental plaque formation and the clumping and formation of calcified plaque in your teeth. It stops the bacteria from freely sticking to your teeth and lessens its ability to produce an acid that wears out your tooth’s enamel. This isn’t a license to chug that cranberry juice though. The added sugar is an effort to tone down the tartness which in effect outweighs the good effects it supposed to give your teeth. Be careful about choosing brands, products and look at labels.

Winter squash. This fruit offers Vitamin C, fiber, and manganese. The vitamins and minerals are great for protecting and boosting your immunity against infections. The fiber makes you feel fuller that makes you snack less. This is great for your dental health since you won’t get any urges to snack on sweet treats.

Grapes. These sweets and guilt-free fruits are said to be best eaten in fall. It contains Vitamin C and K, antioxidants, and resveratrol. You can eat grapes and prevent effects of aging like receding gums and discoloration.

Taking care of your health this fall doesn’t have to be a drag. The seasons offer a wide variety of products that can heal and protect your oral health. Grab yourself more of these kinds of food to have a better chance of keeping your natural teeth healthy and intact. Or you can work with a great dentist open on Sunday.