Gambling Dental Health With Alcohol Uptake

The large consumption of alcoholic beverages has sealed the fate of most men, besides excessive smoking. It is something you can’t help but turn to especially after a long day’s work or social gatherings and occasions. Alcohol always had this significant role in the downfall of the oral health of many alcoholics.

Alcohol is a drug legalized in many countries all over the world. It affects our central nervous system since it goes straight to the bloodstream as it passes through our stomach. It is made up of malt, sugar and other chemicals depending on which brand processed it. There are health benefits to it but the risk of abuse leads to oral cancers and other dental health issues.

According to dentists in Chicago, when you decide to drink one too many, the immediate effects are felt first by the tissues in your mouth and your gums. Alcohol contains sugar and acids that lower the ph level of your mouth. The mouth produces less saliva resulting in dry mouth. The saliva usually keeps the acidity in the mouth balanced and at the same time, washes away the bacteria in it. Alcohol intake dries up your mouth and throat and at the same time promotes the proliferation of bad bacteria inside the mouth. The bacteria adhere to the oral cavity that then causes plaque and tooth decay or gum diseases. You can say that the teeth of an alcoholic can be spotted right away.

Like smoking, drinking too much alcohol can lead to staining of teeth and tooth decay as it demineralizes the tooth. The hard coating of our tooth called the enamel is easily softened by the chemical content and acidity of alcohol. This process makes it easier for the bacteria to attack your tooth that leads to tooth decay. This eventually results in cracks, chips, and discoloration of the teeth.

The increase of bad bacteria in the mouth not only entails tooth decay and gum disease but bad breath as well. The acid produced by the bacteria gives you that horrible stinky breath. Having bad breath is usually caused by rotten food particles lodged in between teeth, tooth decay, and dry mouth. All of these are brought to you by too much drinking of booze.

To avoid having these serious health problems, it is best to always have a dental care routine. Never forget or brush off the chance to practice dental hygiene. If you drink alcohol, then be sure to brush a few minutes after drinking. Like mentioned earlier, the enamel of your tooth is softened by the acidity of the alcohol and so will brushing your tooth. Let your teeth rest for a while before you brush them. If you must drink, drink in moderation. A glass a day would not be that bad. Visit your local brewer where less sugar is added to their brews.

Anything in excess is always bad. All the good things that alcohol can actually offer can easily be gone once you overuse it.