Improve Teeth Health Using the Cupboard Staples

Improve Teeth Health Using the Cupboard Staples

Dental care is important – not just to your teeth but to your entire body, too. However, individuals who lack money or those with busy schedules or suffer from dental anxiety neglect the idea. This contributes to dental problems that can cause havoc to your teeth.

Luckily, dental technology finds it easier now to practice dental care. This reduces your chances to get cavities, gum disease and other dental problems. But did you know that besides teeth brushing and dental flossing, you can enhance your teeth health through kitchen cupboard? These cupboard staples are beneficial especially to those who are financially struggling for all these products are efficient and inexpensive.

Few of these product items are:

Coffee is a common beverage and is American’s favorite pastime. It contains caffeine that can literally lower the levels of dental plaques and neutralize acids. This is due to trigonelline. The ingredient is proved to prevent Streptococcus mutans that can cause enamel or tooth erosion. Coffee also fights risks of liver problems, diabetes, heart disease and mouth cancer.

However, individuals should be cautions on coffee. Research shows this product, if consumed too much, can cause stains. To fight stains without breaking your coffee habit, black coffee is a good choice to consider.

Tea, on the contrary, is another caffeine drink that can enhance oral health. This type of drink contains 150 milligrams of antioxidants that can boost your teeth’s health and can significantly lower dental problems. As outlined by research, a cup of green tea can reduce risks of gum diseases. This involves loss of gum tissue, dental abscess and bleeding of gums.

Salt is a popular compound used for flavoring. This basic necessity can make a simple food turn into a mouth watering delicacy. And based on research, this famous staple can also boost your dental health. Experts said that salt is a good substitution for toothpaste. In full two minutes of teeth brushing with salt, this can reduce mouth infections, halitosis, canker sores and dental abscess.

It’s always a relief to learn you can still boost your oral health thru inexpensive products. However, don’t consider this as a replacement to your dental care. Always practice good oral hygiene and find good dentists to treat you.