Looks and Dental Health?

Even though your inner beauty is much important compared to the physical appearance, it doesn’t mean you’ll neglect the latter. With technology today, surely majority of us utilize some beauty enhancements to improve and boost our physical look. Of course, not to mention those redheads or individuals who love and prefer darker skin tones. Luckily, we have emergency dentists on board.

What Does Your Looks Have To Do With Your Dental HealthRegardless, dental professionals proved those with particular physical traits have higher risks to dental problems.

Just like redhead individuals. Based on analysis, redheads are prone to dental pain. Aside from dental anxiety and fear, these types of individuals said to obtain traits and genes that make them much vulnerable to dental pain. This is proven to the recent findings where 65 out of 67 redheads are prone to dental pain compared to the 20 out 77 darker hair individuals. Basically, the results are based on the mutation or the MC1R gene variant of each person. The studies verified redheads lack lusteroral hygiene. Hence, he or she is prone to higher levels of dental pain.

The gene mutation of redheads also make local anesthesia useless. Recent studies reported that the MC1R genes have the capacity to block painkiller medication, like local anesthesia.

Other physical traits that bring closely to dental problems are those with dark skin tones. Analysis confirmed the links of dark skin and nicotine addiction. Clearly, this talks about smoking.

Excessive smoking is a known vice that prompts and triggers a handful of dental problems. Aside from stains, this behavior can cause dry mouth, halitosis, tooth decay, tooth loss, oral cavities, gum disease and mouth cancer. Statistics proved that majority of these smokers come with dark skin.

Besides tanning, dark skins can be acquired genetically. This genetic trait is unearthed to have links with melanin, the tissue that is responsible for skin pigmentation. The thing with nicotine is it naturally binds with the melanin which makes the toxins metabolize slowly. Unlike the usual process, the slower rate of metabolizing toxins takes more than two hours which makes the person much addictive to the substance. Therefore, the more that person smokes the more chances of developing dental problems.

Moreover, individuals with extra weight also are prone to dental problems.

Obesity is the most prevalent issues suffered by Americans. Thanks to processed foods and other fat-contributing items that cause extra weight. In accordance with research, obese individuals hold higher levels of oral bacteria. This reason alone causes a number of dental problems to transpire, including cavities and periodontal disease. If left ignored, the issues may contribute to other general health issues. Dental experts proved that fat or obese people are at risk of diabetes, heart disease, breathing issues, cancer and the likes.

Dental problems are not something you should neglect. These difficulties require professional help from your dentist and should be attended immediately. Regardless of physical trait, remember not to skip dental checkups. Don’t forget that dental care secures both the welfare of your teeth and the wellness of your entire body.