Methods to Consider in Averting Leukoplakia

Even if you practice the strictest proper oral hygiene, there are cases in which dental problems leak unto your oral system. This is because dental problems are inevitable. Also termed as leukokeratosis, leukoplakia is among the most common oral problems today. This condition refers to the infection on the tongue in which white or gray patches are developed. This transpires due to the mouth’s reaction towards the irritation of the mucous membranes. Usually, patches emerge on the female genital area. Contact a 24 hour dentist in Chicago IL to learn more about leukoplakia.


Based on research, the main cause of leukoplakia is irritation which results to different complications including rough spots on dentures, crowns and fillings. Basically, when a tooth filling is rubbed against the cheeks, it brings irritation. One more way also that causes Leukoplakia is smoking cigars and chewing tobacco. Bad oral habits contribute large amount of reasons to destroy the oral health particularly in calling countless oral problems like Leukoplakia.


For this reason, most 24-hour dentists suggest an immediate dental assistance regardless of the cause of irritation.


Now, how can you diagnose Leukoplakia?


Lesions or also known as oral leukoplakia is a complication that exists at any age but mostly on middle-aged individuals. Leukoplakia signs and symptoms come with white and gray patches. These patches are evident on the tongue, gums, roof and insides of the cheeks that if left ignored may become thick and hard. Patches of leukoplakia may be painless but it’s somewhat sensitive to touch, heat, spicy foods or any factors which can irritation.


Leukoplakia can be diagnosed via oral examination. However, most dental specialists use biopsy to know the other causes of such oral issue. In this process, dentist can rule out whether the cause of Leukoplakia is oral cancer. Biopsy can remove the tissues located at the lesion. Since this procedure comes with corresponding pain, dentists shot a numbing agent to alleviate pain. Apart from treating it via biopsy, treatments for smoothing out rough surfaces are also used especially when such problem is caused by tooth filling or dental crown. Reducing bad oral habits is also one way to solve leukoplakia. This is applied and suggested to patients who smoke too much.


Regardless of the cause, leukoplakia treatment depends on the root cause of irritation.


Indeed, leukoplakia is a painless yet sensitive complication. Experts even explained that usually this happens when you’re inflicted by irritation. Contrary, there’s a very special case of leukoplakia which mostly exist on HIV-positive. Oral hairy leukoplakia is a less common condition that pertains to fuzzy white patches. These patches exist on the tongue and can sometimes be a common sign of HIV or AIDS. In addition, this can also be acquired for those who have weak immune systems. Luckily, this condition can be solved through antiviral medication.


Leukoplakia is an oral condition which is not truly familiar to most. However, this can be detected through the aid of your dentist. Regular dental visits are among the best way to see whether you are holding the said complication. This procedure helps you assess your teeth, mouth and tongue.


To avoid leukoplakia and maintain excellent oral health, always practice proper oral hygiene and attend dental visits. Also, averting bad oral habits can help reduce the risk of leukoplakia.


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