Oraqix: The Needle-Free Gum Disease Treatment

Oraqix The Needle-Free Gum Disease Treatment

Gum disease is indeed one of the most prevalent dental problems today. This is caused by a variety of factors, such as excessive smoking, bad oral habits and build-up of dental plaques. Regardless of the cause, it’s wise to get gum disease treatment immediately once you are diagnosed with it. Early detection of this problem is among the key for survival.

Gum disease treatment is vital especially if you’re at the extreme stage. However, due to some cases, others choose to keep the problem and let it flourish becasue they are afraid of needles. Individuals who have fear of needles are often called  anxious patients. The condition is usually addressed through local anesthesia. But since typical local anesthesia uses needles, fearful patients block the idea.

Luckily, Oraqix is here! This  form of local anesthesia is the newest therapy fit for fearful patients! Oraqix is used for treating periodontal disease. Basically, this is associated along with the scaling and root planing procedures. Based on research, Oraqix is the first and only needle-free  local anesthetic accepted by the Food and Drug Association or the FDA. It is  is administered below the gum line which makes fearful patients relax and comfortable.

Gum disease runs a course – similar with other illnesses. The first stage is gingivitis. This is where you start to experience reddening of gums which often results to gum bleeding. Gingivitis can be treated via scaling and root planing therapy. And with Oraqix, all painful thoughts are gone out the window. The scaling and root planing procedure utilizes an instrument that removes dental tartar, a hard deposit that cannot be removed by a simple toothbrush. The scaling instrument will remove the tartars below the gum line, including the  roots. This is to prevent dental plaques from forming again.

Since this scaling and root planing procedure is invasive, it’s pretty difficult to face.  Oraqix is really favorable although it is optional, just like the typical anesthesia. This numbing tool numbs your lips and tongue which should take effect after a few minutes.

As explained earlier, Oraqix is a needle-free dental anesthetic. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about sharp objects and injections. It is delivered through applicator’s blunt tip towards your gums and usually takes several minutes to experience the numbness. Once you feel numb, your dentist will then work on you. First, he will remove the dental tartars using the scaling and root planing process. After 30 seconds, he will dispense the liquid to your periodontal pocket.

One thing you’ll love about Oraqix is its effect doesn’t last long. Unlike the typical local anesthesia which lasts for 3-5 hours, Oraqix’s numbness only lasts for 20 minutes. Therefore, after the procedure  you can go back to your usual routines immediately.

Just like other dental therapies, you need to undergo proper assessment to see if you are fit for the treatment. Oraqix contains active ingredients, like lidocaine. The said substance is said to cause several adverse reactions, like allergies and headaches. This is why it pays to consult your dentist first before you consider this numbing tool. Nevertheless, the Food and Drug Association proved that it is deemed safe and harmless especially to adult patients. To make sure it  is for you, present your medical history to your dentist. And inform your dentist about your previous dental sessions and the current prescribed drugs you are taking.

Do not forget that Oraqix is there to treat your periodontal disease. It is not made for prevention. And since this is part of dentistry’s largest innovation, expect this as an expensive meal. To avoid elevated dental bills, practice dental care. Dental care is the cheapest method for achieving good oral health and avoiding gum disease. If you want to learn more, you can ask your 24 hour dentist about this.

Gum disease is a serious condition. If you have it, don’t try to ignore it. And you don’t need to worry about needles ever again as Oraqix is here to save you.