Orthodontist: Malocclusion Fighter

It’s not easy to keep your teeth straight, strong and white. This is why dentists guide you every step of the way. One common suggestion you’d learn from them is the huge importance of dental care and good oral hygiene.Orthodontist Malocclusion Fighter

Dental care and good oral hygiene are part of preventive dentistry. These help you prevent any types of mouth illnesses, like cavities, periodontal disease, dental abscess and mouth cancer. However, there are inevitable cases cannot be fought by these efficient procedures. Most especially if it’s about abnormal bites and malocclusion problems. Luckily, orthodontists can help you with that. After all, a 24 hour dentist works with different specialties and orthodontists are the perfect and most suitable dental experts to consult when it comes to malocclusion.

Orthodontists help you fight malocclusion. This dental specialist helps you gain straighter teeth and corrects your abnormal bites. Bite problems, like malocclusion, make your life miserable. Aside from affecting your self-esteem, this can trigger speech problems, cracked teeth, cavities or dental caries, TMJ or Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome and gum disease.

Professional orthodontists use high-end dental tools that can fix bite problems. Their most prominent treatment is dental brace. Dental braces are composed of wires, brackets and rubber brands. It produces pressure that moves of shifts your teeth to its perfect places. Other than dental braces, professional orthodontists also offer orthodontic retainers and Invisalign clear braces. As per stated by analysis, orthodontic treatments aren’t just used against malocclusion. It can also solve underbite, overbite, cross bite, open bite and crowded teeth dental problems.

Regardless of your situation, expect three phases from orthodontic plans:

Pretreatment is where an orthodontist requires you to take clinical examination and dental x-rays of your head and mouth. The results of these tests will help your dentist determine the type of dental appliance to use. Pretreatment is also where your dentist molds your teeth.

Active treatment is the stage where your personal orthodontist helps you put on your dental appliance. You are also informed about your schedules for adjustments.

Retention is done once you’re done with the active treatment. This third phase lets you wear an orthodontic retainer to keep your teeth in place.

Orthodontists play a vital role in your lives. Although the treatments they offer take time, the results are exceptionally great. Orthodontic treatments, like dental braces are fit for children and young adults. So if you want to straighten your teeth and solve your abnormal bites, consult a professional orthodontist. Of course, be sure your selected orthodontist is credible and legit.