Perks to Savor in Tooth Filling

Perks to Savor in Tooth Filling


Individuals today are disregarding their teeth and only take precautionary measures when things are getting worse. This case is mostly happening to people with busy lives and careers. This excuse is terribly not a valid one. It is because taking care of our teeth is as important as taking care of our overall wellbeing. For instance, if you notice numerous holes in your teeth, then you might need a filling. For tooth filling procedure, get in touch with 24 hour dentist.


Tooth filling is part of the dental restoration techniques executed by dental experts today. It is an extensive method that is used to replace holes and spaces in your teeth. These holes came from various oral problems like tooth decay. Alternatively, tooth filling is also used to treat cracked or broken teeth or any tooth that is worn down due to inevitable reason. In short, this restorative dental method is used to restore the aesthetic of the teeth.


There are actually different types of tooth filling employed today. Most of these approaches are completed in two dental visits – including the removal of tooth decay, tooth cleaning and tooth filling replacement. Back to the tooth filling types, there are four common types of these dental fillings and they are named as:


Amalgam Filling – This type of filling is the most common and inexpensive type. Amalgam is made from mercury that is affixed with silver, copper, zinc and tin. This filling is truly beneficial excluding the part where they are not aesthetically good. Aside from that, this filling also requires the elimination of some health tooth parts, removing great amount of tooth spaces.


Tooth-colored Filling – This filling is also known as the composite resin filling. This tooth filling type is advantageous to people who care from the aesthetics of their teeth. This is because this type resembles to the natural tooth color. Apart from that, it is also great in addressing broken teeth, enhancing the look of the entire teeth. Composite filling is also durable like the amalgam – if only paired with proper hygiene.


Dental Inlays and Onlays – This indirect tooth filling is durable, appealing and long-lasting. Aside from enhancing the tooth’s structure, this filling is also superb in treating damaged tooth that requires dental crown.


Cast Gold Filling – Unlike the amalgam or silver filling, this tooth filling type resembles the gold. Even though they are not aesthetically pleasing, cast gold is a lot more durable compared to other fillings. This is because they could last up to 35 years. However, they are much expensive to other tooth fillings. Plus it also entails terrible pain during the procedure and greatly requires two dental visits.


The tooth filling types above are just some of the dental fillings that you can savor. Of course, there are other fillings that you can relish like the temporary filling and ceramic filling.


Whether you need a filling, there’s no reason to deny that oral problems can put our overall health in peril. Hence, it is very important to consult the dentist immediately just in case you notice a hole or decayed tooth. This will help eliminate irritants that can worsen the condition. All in all, follow the right oral hygiene to secure the aesthetic and well-being of the teeth.