Preventive Tips for Knocked Out Tooth

A lot of things can happen even if you try hard to avoid accidents. After all, mishaps take place unexpectedly. This explains why you need to learn the different preventive tips for your dental health in case a misfortune transpires.

One of the most common dental accidents today is having a knocked out tooth. While others think this is a painless accident, think twice! Dentists didn’t encourage us to have a dental emergency once a knocked out tooth happened for nothing. Research shows, knocked out tooth is one painless and chronic condition. It requires immediate dental attention to ensure your tooth stays. A knocked out tooth is what most dentists called as avulsed tooth. This is a tooth trauma wherein you experience lacerations to the gums, excessive bleeding and dislodge of tooth. The primary cause of knocked out tooth is biting a food inappropriate to your teeth. This accident can result in serious complications if left untreated.

However, professional dentists ensure the teeth stay even after the incident. Dentists have various therapies for knocked out tooth. The most popular therapy is re-implantation. The therapy fits for those whose knocked out tooth is off the socket. Nevertheless, you need to ensure the removed tooth is of shape.

In terms of dental emergencies, a knocked out tooth is the most popular case reported. Since there are dentists who can come in your home or are available 24/7, you can ensure preservation of your tooth despite your accident. With a dentist near you, you will learn the tips on how to handle a knocked out tooth especially when at home. Yes, your dentist can provide you self-care remedies to endure a knocked out tooth incident. The first step is to rinse the root of your tooth when it is dirty. Do this by holding the tooth’s crown. Avoid removing any tissue fragments to prevent ligament damages. Next step is to get warm gauze and bite it down lightly to ensure the tooth is in place or retains in the socket. If the affected tooth is off the socket, put your tooth in warm salt water.

While you do the first and second step, make sure you do and fulfil the third step and that is to call your personal dental specialist right away. There are emergency dentists who cater walk-in patients. Majority of these professional cater home services twenty-four hours per day! Therefore, these dentists are available even at night or during wee hours.

Dental emergencies require immediate attention. Hence, every second or minute of it counts. As soon as you call your dentist, you get higher chances of saving your tooth! Once you see your dentist, you will discover the professional remedies for knocked out tooth. While your dentist treats your mishap, he can discuss with you the preventive tips against knocked out tooth. The most core tip is using oral appliances. Dental appliances, like mouth guards, shield your teeth from accidents. This is extremely essential if you are an active person.