Primary Roles of Intraoral Camera

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A good dentist always thinks about your oral health. He can understand your situation and always finds ways to deliver the best treatment for your concern. A good dentist is also up-to-date when it comes to changes. He already finished the needed special training and workshops for advanced dental treatments and technologies.

For example , a lot of people have no idea what a  intraoral camera is. If you’re one of them, you can read the tidbits below.

This camera is normally associated with dental x-rays. This is a small video camera that can capture the images of your teeth, gums, jaw and entire mouth. Basically, an intraoral camera mirrors an oversized pen. Although this depends on the model type, this imaging device comes with disposable protective covers. The camera is used through inserting the device inside your mouth. Your dentist will shift and rotate the device to capture each angle of your mouth.

In the early 1990s, dentists started using these devices. Since then, lots of dental professionals patronize this device especially in assessing a patient’s dental health. This is the primary explanation why intraoral cameras remains standing, loud and proud.

As outlined by research, they are handy and easy to use. This can be used in diagnosing dental problems, like cavities and broken teeth as well as educating dental patients about their oral health. They are also useful in identifying dental problems that aren’t visible to the naked eye. Since this innovative device is attached to a computer screen or monitor, your dentist can conveniently perceive and check your oral health in real-time! One of the extreme cases that can be detected by this device is a fractured tooth.

Regardless of your condition, this device can take all the angles. Therefore, there’s nothing to worry about what’s left. Intraoral cameras provide high quality images that no matter how your dentist maximizes the images, it won’t distort.

The camera is also useful in delivering dental restoration procedures to patients. This helps dentists in preparing your tooth for fillings. If you also need to replace your amalgam dental fillings to composite resin, they can also help you with that. Since this device has “before and after” features, your dentist can display the two different results! You can view the images on screen with high quality!

Due to the impressive benefits provided by the intraoral camera, our emergency dentists in  Chicago IL considered this device as the best diagnostic tool. It is also a great educational aid to patients! 

There is no development time involved in using the intraoral camera. Therefore, the images are available in less than a minute which is both convenient to you and your dentist.

Intraoral cameras makes the images available immediately. You can easily print and duplicate them, unlike the typical diagnostic tools where you need to take multiple x-rays at one time. You can also use the printed images to get your claim. There are dental insurance companies that require images of your teeth before you can avail benefits and reduce your dental bills. Simply ask your dentist for the photos and he can send it online.

The Intraoral camera is beneficial to all of us. However, this imaging device isn’t enough reason to skip your regular dental care check ups.