Pros & Cons of IV Sedation

Although sedation dentistry is pretty popular these days, there are those who still struggle from pain and fear caused by dental anxiety. Those who live with it experience phobia that heightens every time they see a dentist.

To keep your anxiety problems to yourself isn’t healthy. This condition restricts you from taking any dental-related matters which eventually forces you to neglect your dental obligations. Those who are still not aware, sedation dentistry can help you. The field comes with different dental strategies that help you fight, overcome and defeat pain regardless of what treatment you are taking.

One of the most promising sedative used by our sedation dentists in Chicago nowadays is the IV sedation. Just like other sedation forms, it helps you survive your dental therapy.The IV sedation stands for Intravenous Sedation. This means in the veins. Thus, individuals who prefer to block pain whilst taking their therapy must get a shot beforehand. There are dentists who prefer to call IV sedation as sleep dentistry. Although this doesn’t literally make you fall asleep, the drug is very efficient in preventing you from pain without losing your consciousness. Instead of putting you to sleep, this makes you groggy and drowsy. But alert and awake enough to respond.

Individuals who have dental phobia can rely on IV sedation. It has an effect wherein you will experience partial or full memory of your dental treatment. This effect is both beneficial to you and your dentist. Whilst your dentist can easily perform his task, you become aware but detached from the procedure. With this excellent effect, throughout the treatment you experience nothing but pure peaceful feeling. Nonetheless, it’s still best to learn if IV sedation fits well to you.

Those who would like to eliminate their memory of the procedure can make use of IV sedation. The drug can help you forget every detail of your dentist’s movements. Moreover, IV sedation prevents gag reflex. Not to mention, it has excellent numbing effect compared to oral sedation and other sedative forms, like laughing gas. However, there are facts of IV sedation you need to consider. One is the price. Based on recent research, IV sedation costs high compared to other sedatives. The price ranges from $220-$390 dollars.

IV sedation doesn’t just help you with your treatment; it also gives you an edge on how you deal with your dental duties without dental anxiety attack. Of course, to do better, it pays you work with a professional dentist. Always bear in mind that every treatment’s success, relies in the hands of your dental practitioner.

It’s not too late to restore your oral health’s former glory. Don’t mind anxiety and fear. Remember, you can always count on us with sedation dentistry.