Seniors and Dental Health: Debunking Gum Disease Myths

Securing Teeth for Old Folks

Numerous misguided judgments and false generalizations about most of the dental and dental issues of seniors often lead to dental problems and gum disease. These wrong notions often affect the way they evaluate the dental concern and make wrong analysis and the approach to treating it.

Ailments and health issues usually come along with old age just like arthritis that affects oral health. This is because the elderly gets easily tired standing and holding a brush can cause serious pain. Bacteria grow in numbers in an acidic environment especially when seniors shrug off brushing and flossing. Flossing works well in taking food particles stuck in between teeth where infections usually happen. Your gums will start to bleed and swell as a natural reaction to the onset of the gum disease called gingivitis. If left untreated, gingivitis could turn into a periodontal disease that leads to serious medical issues. This could begin from heart disease and stroke.

Neglected Dental Problems EffectHere are some myths that seniors and family members who take care of them that usually worsen gum disease or put these seniors at risk of having gum disease. This is to prevent and correct common misconceptions that most of us have about gum disease.

Gum disease is just a part of growing older. Seniors are prone or at risk of gum disease but that doesn’t mean that it’s a normal part of old age. You can always prevent gum diseases and avoid the build-up of plaque on your teeth and protect the tissues of your gum tissues. Regular dental cleaning will definitely improve your gum health.

Waiting for pain. Most cases of periodontal disease in seniors are due to utter neglect and waiting for the actual pain. Gum disease on its onset will be undetected except for some hints of bleeding gums when you brush. The pain receptors of seniors are usually not as strong as when they are younger which makes simple gum problems turn to severe periodontal disease. The pain will definitely come when the damage is severe and far from repair. Never wait for your gums or teeth to ache before visiting 24 hour dental office. Early diagnosis and prevention will save you time and money.

Stop brushing when the gums bleed. You should never stop your dental care routine just because your gums bleed each time you do. Like mentioned earlier, bleeding gums is an early indicator of gum disease. The infection will only worsen if you stop brushing and cleaning your mouth.

Teeth soften over the years. This myth also leads you to believe that tooth becomes soft as you get older. If you are experiencing this, this means that you are experiencing tooth decay constantly. Calcium deposits in your enamel keep your teeth and bones tough and hard. Lifestyle and food choices influences this mineral from your enamel especially acidic drinks like sodas. You can still have strong and healthy teeth even at your senior years if you avoid tooth eroding habits and that’s a fact.

Pay close attention to early signs of infection and talk to your dentists to clarify doubts and have better ways of fighting gum disease as seniors.