Skin Problems & Proven Treatments

Different health conditions are on the rise today. Most of these are common results of weak immune system, lack of healthy lifestyle and poor hygiene. Skin-related problem is one of them. Dermatologists say more than three thousand skin disorders are reported today. These skin problems change the color or texture of the skin and cause inflammation and infection if left untreated.

Skin conditions, however, are mostly curable as long as you report it to a skin expert. After all, most skin problems can be temporary, minor and easily treated. Here are some of the few skin problems you can surely report to your personal dermatologist.

Shingles or herpes zoster is a skin disease that often happens after recovering from your chickenpox infection. This comes with painful sensation that’s usually mistreated as a possible heart attack. After a few days of having the infection, shingles produce red and painful rashes all throughout the body. Similar with other vaccines, you can alleviate and eliminate the progress of the infection through vaccinations. Furthermore, you can treat shingles through antiviral medicinal drugs. This reduces severe pain and helps affected individuals particularly the elderly.

Hives or urticaria is considered an allergy of the skin. The common causes are foreign antibodies that penetrate in the bloodstream. Hives can be recognized as lesions and blanched bumps surrounded by red rashes. Based on research, hives go away naturally. In a span of eight weeks, you will notice it slowly disappearing from your skin. Apparently, there are hives wherein you need anti-skin allergy drugs. Oral antihistamines are the commonest drug against urticarial.

Psoriasis comes with scaly red bumps that develop into plaques. It is a genetic condition that screams chronic inflammation which may occur in your scalp, elbows and knees. Fortunately, similar with other skin conditions, psoriasis can be treated through topical creams, injectable medications and ultraviolet light remedies. Diabetics and individuals with heart failures are the common victims of this skin problem.

Eczema or commonly known as dermatitis is a skin disorder associated with dry and itchy skin. It is a genetic condition that mostly shows symptoms of weeping and oozing sores located in your arm and leg creases. Dermatitis often affects kids. However, dermatologists reported this as a genetic condition.

Cold sores or fever blisters are caused by a virus called herpes simplex. It often occurs on the edge of your lip after the virus gets triggered by sunburn, cold or any environmental triggers. Though it doesn’t need immediate treatment as it is labelled as a minor skin problem, cold sores may require remedies if the eruption persists. Cold sore heals itself within 10 days as per Wikipedia reference.

Acne vulgaris is a mild skin condition that consists of blisters. It affects the face, chest and your back which may come along with blackheads and inflamed papules. Acne sometimes heals naturally. It doesn’t come from dirty skin; but may cause scars if the condition shows frequent eruption and yet receives no treatment.

Out of three thousand skin disorders, above are the most frequent skin-related disorders experienced by many. Fortunately, dermatologists and other skin experts can help you address the issue.