Spend The Best Getaway thru These Summer Foods

Summer is the most awaited event of the year. This is considered as the hottest of the four temperate seasons that falls between spring and autumn. Summer season often starts according to climate. But usually this starts on May and ends in August. Obviously, summer is celebrated in different ways by different nations. Although it’s not that soon to celebrate, it pays to plan-out the things to prepare, like foods. Good thing you have a good  24 hour emergency dentist with you.

Most men and women especially kids, love to celebrate this season at the beach. Due to its hot temperature, it’s fun to get tanned while experiencing the heat in the sun. Summer is the season that allows school kids to have a break. However, this doesn’t mean getting a break in taking care of your teeth and oral health.

Since summer is a season of heat, most peeps love to hang-out with something cold and sweet. In terms of cold, sweet treats, ice cream is the first thing that pops in our head.

Ice creams are delightful. Besides warding off thirst, it can release stress and enhance the mood. Apparently, ice creams are discovered to be unhealthy to our teeth. Few ice creams said to promote cavities that can destroy teeth and endangered the dental health. Thanks to low-fat and dairy-rich ice creams, by the way. Ice creams that are made from dairies are rich in nutrients, like vitamins and calcium. This promotes oral health and prevents periodontal disease.

Similar with ice creams, summer is also best spent with berries. Berries come in a variety of foods, such as cranberries and strawberries. These small and edible fruits are typically abundant during summer. Due to its associated nutritional benefits, berries are considered as summer’s best fruit. For instance, strawberries are rich in potassium, vitamin C and calcium. Obviously, calcium helps develop bones and teeth and prevents any potential risks of gum problems. Vitamin C is also essential to dental health. This is extremely useful during oral surgery, extraction and bone/gum grafts.

Speaking of summer’s best foods, corns can also be a good addition to your bucket list. Just like ice creams and berries, this sweet, delicate food is rich in nutrients that can help boost dental health. Besides vitamin C and phosphorus, corns are filled with fiber. Fiber is a nutrient that enhances gums and prevents cavities. It also minimizes tooth loss by 30% and naturally fights jawbone erosion by 14%.

Summer is always the best chance to hang-out with friends and loved ones. Therefore, be sure to share your oral health ideas by giving out the best summer foods above.