Teen Health & Doctors

To make your health an open book can be difficult. For some reasons, we refuse judgement especially from strangers. However, doctors and other healthcare experts should be an exemption. Know that these people work to save lives no matter what complications you are facing.

During our childhood, it is our parents’ responsibility to seek professional help from doctors. They do the scheduling of appointments, getting prescriptions and making sure you do not take it for granted. As you get older, it’s now your job to take care of your health’s needs, like seeking doctor’s help for emergency room for tooth pain. The fact that as you age, the health issues you face becomes more complex and personal. Therefore, reaching young adulthood is best handled when you talk to someone professional especially if it concerns your health, sexual development, emotions and weight issues.

Teen's health with doctors

Adolescence can be more bearable if you speak with your doctor.

Let’s face it, some teens find it difficult to share their problems to their parents. Number one reason is embarrassment. However, doctors are practiced to these things. One of their main roles is to attend the special concerns for teens and avoid the risks of getting depressed and angry, caused by overwhelming feelings of being a teen.

It is very imperative though that you choose a doctor whom you can feel the most comfort. But since first doctor’s appointment can be awkward, know that:

Doctors are used to things like this. This means that whatever your problem is, your doctor has seen it from other patients. No matter how embarrassing it, doctors are used to whatever you tell. Similar problems from other patients are expected. They have already seen, heard and smelled it even before you.

Doctors work to help, not to judge. If you are going through a really rough patch, know that doctors understand. They will not make you feel disappointed because their main concern is to address your issue, not to make judgement of your lifestyle and poor choices. So if you want to discuss a personal matter, a professional doctor is ready to help.

Doctors are good listeners. There’s always a time when you feel you can’t be honest because the concerns you have are too comfortable. In this matter, know that doctors can function and treat you well if you talk openly of your health history and issues. You must learn that being open and honest benefits the both of you. Doctors have the most understanding qualities and are actually great listeners to any patients with health concerns. They can even tell if you feel uncomfortable raising sensitive issues. They will provide pointers and even suggest things that can make you feel at ease until you’re okay enough to discuss it.

Some patients are even suggested to prepare a written list containing their problems should they experience anxiety or nervousness on their first visit. If you’re among those teens, remember that you’re not alone on this battle. Your personal physician can be of help.