The Facts about Dental Onlays

We all know that achieving white teeth is easy. But the great challenge here is how to maintain over time. Nowadays, a lot of people think that proper brushing and flossing is already enough in keeping the teeth healthy. Unfortunately, they are all wrong. This is because not all parts of the teeth are catered by these methods. These hard-to-reach parts are prone to oral problems like tooth decay, destroying the perfect structure of the teeth. Luckily, experts finally find ways to save the tooth before it gets extracted. This is through the utilization of dental restoration method. One of the finest methods that can boost the teeth’s appearance is the dental onlays. If you’re interested, see it here.


Dental onlays are dental restorations that are more comprehensive than dental inlays. Unlike the inlays, onlays or also known as partial crown is using one or more cusps. More often than not, dental onlays are completed in two dental visits. In the first dental visit, the dentist will prepare the tooth while removing the decay. Once it’s done, an impression will take place and will be sent to the dental lab or dental office. The impression will be used in determining the tooth’s structure of the patient. Basically, dental onlay procedure features indirect onlay and direct onlay. Direct onlays are essentially done inside the dental office while indirect onlays are carried out in the dental lab. During the making of the final onlay, the dentist will place a temporary filling on your tooth. This will help the tooth from damaging and get affected from oral problems. Dental onlays can be made from different materials like gold, resin and porcelain. Of course, the only difference on this is the final appearance of the restoration. To know the right material, the dentist will discuss things with you.


Onlays come with numerous beneficial. Aside from its sensible price – since they’re covered with insurance – they are also durable. Specialists affirmed that dental onlays have sturdy quality that can support and secure damaged tooth. Furthermore, they are also easy to clean. Since they are properly fit at all edges, dentist can conveniently perform tooth cleaning. One great quality also that an onlay possess is the color of it. Undeniably, the color of this filling mimics the natural look of the teeth. And since they are made with durability, the color of such filling also lasts longer compared to other restorative treatments. In addition, onlays offer superb fit, making it impossible to get weary just like the other natural teeth. In case you have minor tooth decay problem, dental onlays can be best for you. The damaged tooth can also relish the strong tooth structure of onlays. Aside from restoring your damaged tooth, you can ensure that the filling placed into it can last a lifetime. Of course, this could be realized when paired with proper oral hygiene.


Regardless of whether you need an onlay procedure, dental problems can truly jeopardize not just your oral health but as well as your overall health. With this, it is very important to follow the right protocols in securing your teeth from bad irritants. Keep in mind that having an excellent oral health means possessing a good quality of life.