The Infamous Dental Therapists

Over 50 million Americans are served with dental care providers. This involves the aid of credible dentists and their assistants, the dental therapists.

We all are familiar with dentists. They are dental practitioners who deliver the necessary dental treatments and procedures to patients. But who are the dental therapists? What are their roles and responsibilities inside the clinic?

Dental therapists are the new type of dental care providers. Research shows they are employed to fill the growing shortage of dentists all over the globe. Dental therapists are often called as dental assistants. As of today, numerous dental clinics have their own dental therapists who deliver preventive and restorative dental treatments. However, their roles often vary according to the dental regulations of their country.

Under the dentist’s supervision, dental therapists are allowed to examine and treat different dental diseases. Aside from that, they are obliged to educate patients and parents. Therefore, they have huge information about the means to prevent dental problems and the methods to maintain  good oral health. They also deliver instructions about oral hygiene.  And they can also cater any complicated dental illnesses. Basically, they’ll educate you about the said disease and provide trusted referrals. Dental therapists will refer you to a dentist who can treat your particular problem.

As outlined by sources, dental therapists are not legitimate dental care providers. They still require a dentists’ approval before providing a dental treatment. Dental therapists are also required to finish a two-year program in a dental school. This authorizes them to conduct mid-level dental care. Aside from providing dental cleanings, experienced dental therapists can treat cavities, dental filling procedures, extractions and dental sealant application.

Dental therapists truly play an important role to our 24 hour dental clinics around Chicago as well as to dental-ill patients. However, always remember that their roles are immensely different from a dentist. If you suffer from serious dental diseases, you can only consult them for referrals.

If you have questions about oral hygiene, you can always ask a dental therapist. As they  are well-informed about the strategies related to oral hygiene and preventive dentistry.