The Making of Best Sandwich for Dental Health

Sandwich for You & Your Oral Health

Our health depends highly on the food that we eat. Being conscious of the type of food that you consume and sticking to healthy habits will surely keep your body and teeth healthy. This can be tough at times as processed foods can be tempting especially if you want the convenience of quick meals. It takes dedication and self-control to avoid foods that are tasty but are dangerous to your dental health and body. To have total control of your overall health, you can make and prepare your own meals that will match your taste and texture preferences.

Sandwich is among the effective means of rewarding yourself. Sandwiches are popular snacks that are usually eaten at lunch which makes it more like a snack meal. Sandwich being a meal is a good way of incorporating and tweaking the usual unhealthy combinations to a more teeth-friendly and plant-based route.

Whole grain bread. First, you have to choose the right bread to hold the contents of your sandwich. Whole grain bread is rich in protein, vitamin B, fiber and iron that are good for your oral tissues. This type of bread also prevents periodontal disease where your gums become severely infected and can cause gum tissue damage and tooth loss.

Leafy greens. Adding crisp leafy vegetables in your snack meal is a very good choice. These can be good toppers for your lunch. Green veggies are loaded with vitamins C, K, and D along with minerals like calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium that keep your teeth and bones strong. It boosts your immune system and kills the bad bacteria that cause plaque and tooth decay. You will also chew more because of its crispness making you produce more saliva which maintains the alkalinity in your mouth to prevent bacterial growth.

Ham and cheese. These are a common protein source that makes sandwiches tasty and delicious. Cheese is rich in calcium that makes strong bones and teeth.

Raw onion. You can also add a slice or two of fresh onion for a change. Onions are very effective in killing the bad bacteria that causes gum disease and plaque. You can be sure to have a funky breath after eating them though.

There are many ways and combinations to personalize your favorite lunch. You just have to plan wisely and choose healthier options that will benefit your teeth and body in the long run. Your sandwich can offer you a complete set of vitamins and minerals with the right amount of carbohydrates. Even if you eat whole grain bread yet choose ranch dressings, jellies and fatty fillings for your sandwich, you still have an unhealthy meal. It doesn’t matter if the top and bottom layers are healthy if you still put in unhealthy ingredients in the middle.

Sandwiches can be a healthy experience when you try and think about what goes into it. Always remember to choose wisely. Healthy food options might surprise you.