The Powerful Effects of DIAGNOdent

The Powerful Effects of DIAGNOdent

Not only do kids love to play hide and seek, cavities do to. Good thing laser dentistry is there to save you. Laser dentistry  can detect cavities that are hiding between and behind your teeth.

The most popular cavity-detector device is called DIAGNOdent.

DIAGNOdent is a very popular cavity detector. Besides finding the smallest  of cavities, it can scan and detect any abnormalities of your tooth. There’s no doubt why the majority of dentists utilize this tool to prevent tooth decay. Since the device is powered with a laser, it can scan the areas where tooth decay often resides and detects unusual changes of your teeth. When an issue is detected, the device will produce a visible light or beeping sound. After that, your dentist will see numerical readings.

As outlined by research, this is a perfect tool for detecting dental illnesses. Apart from spotting tooth decay, it gives an immediate result and feedback which is beneficial on your part.

This also means avoiding expensive treatments  which reduces dental bills. Not to mention lesser pain to face. Since all these perks can be given by a DIAGNOdent scan, dental experts deemed this as the most accurate device to use. In fact, estimates suggest this device is 90% accurate.

Why Choose DIAGNOdent?

It is an important tool especially to kids who suffer from occlusal caries. Besides the visual examination it  diagnosing dental caries, this dental device showcases a 655nm wavelength Diode laser. It is laser fluorescence and is non-invasive and highly quantitative. The laser of this device emits a red light and a 0-99 number which highly represents the level of cavities you possess. The greater cavities you have, the greater numbers you get.

However, it has its cons to, just like other dental devices. One particular concern is its accuracy. The said device detects areas with cavities only, but not the depths of them.

Since it features a laser, it doesn’t require the use of anesthesia which is extremely beneficial to anxious patients. And since it is less invasive, you are less exposed to bleeding. Dental professionals also say that DIAGNOdent is much efficient compared to a Bitewing scan.

Indeed, DIAGNOdent scan is beneficial to all of us. But you must remember that preventive dentistry is more powerful than any devices. Preventive dentistry involves the use of oral hygiene and dental care. This can fight any dental illnesses, like cavities. Dental care requires you to brush and floss your teeth daily; of course, keep regular consultations with your dentist.

Individuals should learn that cavities are preventable. Consider an immediate consultation with your dentist once you notice the signs of tooth decay.