The Prevalent Case of Childhood Obesity

Although food is good for the soul, you should learn to control your eating habits. Why? Because unwanted weight and obesity is only right at the corner – which obviously is very dangerous to your overall health. However, the increasing rate of childhood obesity only proves that not all are educated about the risks of excess weight gain.

Risky Facts of Obesity

According to statistics, childhood obesity is one of the most prevalent health dilemmas reported today. In 2000, 13% of the pediatric population were reported obese. The scary rise of obesity almost doubled after the year 2010 wherein 18% of the said population experienced weight gain. This is based on the BMI per individual. No wonder why the obesity case in America continues to rise. While obesity marks as one of the most prevalent health problems in the US, other obese-related medical problems followed, considering how obesity could trigger heart disease, diabetes and increase in blood sugar level.

Due to the scare brought on by childhood obesity, parents are warned by pediatric dentists and other healthcare experts. We are all aware how daily caloric intake can induce health problems.

Childhood obesity is generally caused by excessive intake of calories. Courtesy of poor food quality choices, such as fast-food and fatty foods, children are barred from nutritious foods – which are very important when it comes to their overall development. There are many cases as to why childhood obesity takes place. Number one risk factor is genetics. Health experts believed that despite getting right amount of healthy foods, when one or both parents are obese, chances of developing obesity are high. That’s why parents during their pregnancy days are advised to exercise healthy diet. Bloodline and lifestyle really matter especially when expecting.

Another risk factor affiliated with childhood obesity is social interaction and influence. We are all aware that social networks, televisions, computer games and technology can greatly impact kids and young adults. Statistics revealed that most kids who are inactive because of spending too much time watching TV or playing online games develop early signs of obesity. Parents are suggested to limit their kids’ interactions towards TV, computers and cellphones. Underlying diseases and psychological health also increase the risks of obesity. Individuals who are emotionally stressed as well tend to experience weight gain.

Medications for your dental emergencies can also increase your food cravings which may result in excess weight gain. So if you are currently taking medication, it pays to ask your doctor whether this could affect or change your eating habits.

Obesity can take a toll of your physical health especially your weight. Now that this condition can contribute to other advanced health cases, all individuals must be watchful on their eating routines. Consider healthy eating through fruits and veggies. Avoid foods that are high on carbs, calories and sugar because these foods can set off a myriad of health problems, like increase sugar level and heart disorder.