Tips to Prepare Your Child’s Teeth for Christmas

Prep 101 on Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and everyone is preparing the perfect gifts for their loved ones, the perfect tree, the perfect meals, and the perfect way to celebrate the holidays. While getting a bunch of toys for your kids, it is also the best time to talk to them regarding their dental health and keeping their teeth safe during the holiday season. Candies and sweet treats will surely keep their hands full but these are the same things that the prepared parent should anticipate.

Here’s a list to help keep your children’s teeth ready to face those plates of cookies, fudge, candies, and glasses of caramel apple cider. You will see it here how to keep track teeth on holiday season.

Brushing and Flossing. Kids tend to stay awake way later than usual with the help of sugary treats in anticipation of Santa’s coming and parents can use this as an opportunity to encourage brushing and flossing. Telling them that Santa would only include kids who brush and floss on his nice list would definitely change their dental hygiene habits. This would also ensure that excess sugar would be removed from your kid’s teeth before they go to bed and after waking up in the morning. Making it as a routine would help in making this a daily habit for them no matter what the occasion.

No More Cookie Time. Setting a no more cookie and treats time would help your children’s teeth have a break from all the sugary foods during the holidays. The mouth would have a time to replenish lost teeth minerals and wash away acids left in the mouth. It is best to let them eat sweet treats with meals to lessen the effects of the sugars on their teeth. Sugar can damage teeth if left to stay on your kid’s mouth for long periods of time. 

Sneak in Milk and Vegetables. There can be a million choices of sweet snacks to munch on during the holidays but always choose to serve kids healthy meals and drinks like milk and carrots. Make sure that they eat healthy full meals before eating short bread and cakes. The vitamins and minerals from milk and vegies can boost their immune system and strengthen their teeth. Throw in some carrot sticks on their plates or other crunchy fruits loaded with nutrients.

Explaining the importance of oral hygiene and dental health to kids through stories and fun activities can help in giving them the right mind set in regards to oral health. Training and preparing your kids starting at a young age would inculcate good habits that they can bring into adulthood. Simple and effective nudges on their holiday experience would surely keep their teeth healthy and safe from tooth decay and cavities.

To make sure that your kid’s teeth are well protected and in good health, you can schedule a dental visit to double up your efforts after the holiday season. It can be a challenge to manage sugar intake during the holidays but preparation is always the key.