Tooth Loss & Smoking

All of us are aware about the consequences of smoking. Apart from affecting your oral health, this habit also effects everything else. The majority of smokers know that smoking is bad for the teeth. If you are one of them, you should learn by now that quitting this habit can both save your general health and dental health. Here you can find a dentist that is even open on Sunday to help with your smoking habits.

Prevent Tooth Loss by Quitting Smoking Habit

The majority of smokers are adult men. This is the number one cause why men are much exposed to dental health despite the fact the women are more prone to cavities. Cavities and tooth stains are two common effects of smoking. These conditions are known to induce advanced gum disease or worse, tooth loss. Based on analysis, smokers tend to lose their teeth every 10 years. Therefore, if you smoke at 18, expect to lose four or five teeth when you reach 35.

As stated earlier, smoking enhances the risks of gum disease. This condition usually ends up with tooth loss especially when you reach its advanced stage. Gum disease affects the gums, teeth and mouth tissues. If left unobserved, this causes bone deterioration. In typical cases, gum disorder blocks the blood flow. As a result, the gums and teeth weaken which might affect the support structure. Receding or bleeding of the gums is the common early sign of this condition. By quitting this habit earlier, this may save your teeth from getting extracted. Of course, stopping this behavior means saving your money.

To prevent tooth loss from transpiring, quit smoking habit. By speaking with your dentist, you will learn the tips on how to maintain an excellent oral health. If you take good care of your teeth, you should practice good oral hygiene. Oral hygiene necessitates the regular use of toothbrushes and floss. To sum up the equation, see your dentist every six months.

Always remember that dental problems can invite general health issues. Therefore, chewing tobacco can heighten the potential risks of mouth sores and lung cancer. If you desire to have wholesome lifestyle, stop this bad habit.

Don’t forget that oral health serves as an open window to our general health. A good oral health reflects a wholesome overall wellness for you.