Tooth Truths: Eye Opening Facts about Your Teeth

A lot of people overlook the importance of their teeth. Let’s face it, most dental problems reported to our 24 hour dentists in Chicago IL are rooted from wrong notions and complete disregard on oral and dental health. Some people focus on other parts of the body more than others which often leave the mouth last on most of people’s list of priorities. 

They help you chew, eat, bite, speak, and smile but a lot is still left to be discovered about your pearly whites. Listed below are some facts that can help you rediscover interest in oral health hygiene and dental care.

Centuries of dental care history. People have long been taking care of their teeth way before dental care products were present. Our ancestors were pretty creative in cleaning their teeth realizing that dental health is important. The first toothbrushes were twigs that our ancestors chewed on to cleanse their teeth. Even the Egyptians used crushed eggshells to polish their teeth. Thankfully, a British inventor discovered the first toothbrush using a design he saw in China where a bone handle had boar bristles into small holes. Modern toothbrushes come a long way and all these efforts to make sure your teeth can be cleansed.

Teeth can tell stories about you. Scientist can get a great deal of information just by examining your teeth. Your teeth can actually reveal your age, what you eat or drink, on what location you live on Earth, and many more. The teeth carries significant clues on a person’s overall health and this means that stress levels and illnesses that you endured can be discovered just by examining your teeth. After a person has passed, their teeth serve as the record of their personal history.

Every tooth is unique. People show off their smiles and each is different and unique from the other. Just as your individual tooth is different from all your other teeth. Each individual have different profiles and sizes of teeth and this makes your smile perfectly unique. A true mark of your individuality.

The blueprint for your teeth since day one. The crown of your teeth is ready to go the day you were born. All 20 baby teeth are just waiting for the right time to come out with your adult teeth already developing under it. Your permanent teeth would also come out and push your baby teeth and stay in place all throughout your life if you take good care of it.

Cleaning the parts that you don’t see. Brushing is important in cleansing your teeth and mouth from food particles and oral bacteria sticking around after you eat. What is equally important is cleaning the surfaces in between the teeth that are usually hard to reach for toothbrushes. This makes flossing as important as brushing. Cleaning in between your teeth keeps enamel on hard to reach places safe from plaque and cavities to ultimately avoid tooth decay and eventual tooth loss. Your gums are also going to benefit from daily flossing as it takes away bacteria that can cause gum disease.