Triggering Factors of Fatigue

It’s okay to get tired after long days at work or school. After all, you can always get sleep as this is free and is one of your body’s ways of coping up. Proper sleep is a free charging experience that lets your brain, body and soul get the kind of rest it deserves. This is the natural cycle of every human being. You rest when tired. You eat when hungry.

However, feeling tired after being asleep is completely different and alarming. Studies show ample amount of individuals who remain completely tired physically and mentally despite getting a long sleep. This situation might be one of the triggering factors of fatigue.

How Chronic Fatigue Affects You

Fatigue is one of the most rampant concerns reported today. It affects individuals of all kinds of ages and gender which can be fatal is left unattended and not treated. According to the official statement of researchers, fatigue is more than just being physically tired. This condition is experiencing high levels of exhaustion of the mental and physical health. Though fatigue affects anyone, there are certain individuals who more likely get this condition. Majority of these known individuals suffer from diabetes, heart disorder, thyroid disease, sleep disorder and anemia.

When you feel frequent drowsiness and lack of motivation despite getting adequate sleep, you might be afflicted with fatigue syndrome. These triggering factors may exist alongside with shortness of breath, muscle weakness and poor response on physical and mental activities. Though fatigue can be a normal response to a tired self, it’s enough to get you and your healthcare specialist’s attention especially if it’s been affecting your daily routines for a long period of time. Nonetheless, as one of the common health symptoms, fatigue remains treatable especially when detected earlier. Through thorough consultation, you will find out if fatigue is a result of an underlying physical, psychological disorder or both. This way, it is imperative to seek professional help for fatigue might be a warning indication of having psychiatric issue, such as depression.

There are several treatments for fatigue offered these days. Usually, the medication depends upon the cause why the condition exists in the first place. For example, if fatigue is caused by diabetes, medications may involve normalizing the sugar level of the patient. Contrary, if fatigue occurs due to anemia, your health specialist may provide treatments that can increase the red blood cell count.

If you experience prolonged tiredness due to unknown reasons, you may consult a health expert immediately. Always remember that prevention gives you one step ahead from anyone who’s already diagnosed with chronic fatigue.

Similar with other health disorders and concerns today, fatigue remains treatable and manageable. Just make sure you seek the right specialist.