What Fluoride Can Offer

Toothpaste doesn’t own fluoride. As a matter of fact, this certain ingredient is quite abundant in the environment and even in different products nowadays. And though this element made some issues because of its harmful effects to the oral health, no one can dispute its healthful effects to our teeth.

In the past years, fluoride consumption already made a noise in preventing cavities and tooth decay. After all, it can be naturally extracted from soil

Fluoride Uses and Risks

and water depending of course on your location. Fluoride can help fight and prevent plaque formation with right amount of consumption. If not, the element could cause adverse reactions, not only to your teeth, but entire oral health and body as well. Anything consumed much do not do good in the health.

Surprisingly, using fluoride remains a trend to most people. Majority of these individuals are well-educated about using this ingredient properly. If you’re not one of them, you can start learning what can fluoride offer and where can you find it, besides in toothpaste.

Tea and Kombucha. We can no longer deny that people nowadays are well-aware and conscious of their health. That explains the switch from their regular coffee to tea; and the soda craze to kombucha. Tea and kombucha are one of the strongest sources of fluoride. It is estimated to be 5-10 times as much as a can of soda. No matter what kind of treat, whether it’s green tea, white tea, and black tea, they all are abundant in fluoride. However, it pays to be cautious on the amount of fluoride to take. Since they have high levels of fluoride, your tooth enamel and nerve functions might be susceptible to different health risks. Health gurus recommend a cup of tea every day.

Teflon & Aluminum Cookware and Bake ware. Not all people know this but foods that are prepared in non-stick pans and aluminum cookware actually have greater source of fluoride. However, if you don’t feel like it, you may also opt for other cookware that is actually great for you despite the lack of fluoride. You can prepare food the healthy way through cast irons, stainless steel pots and pans, glass baking dishes, or enameled-cast iron and ditch Teflon and aluminum.

Non-organic Fruits, Vegetables and beverages. Fruits, vegetables and fruit juices are among the few things most people patronize in terms of staying fit and becoming healthy. But excessive consumption of this might put the tooth enamel at risk. Professional experts discovered in the original source that unbalanced eating of non-organic salads and fruits can result in excess fluoride consumption. Courtesy of fluoride-based pesticides, your teeth acquired dangerous chemicals unlike organic food and drink choices. Hence, the best way to balance fluoride intake is considering organic fruits, vegetables and beverages, like wines filled with organic grapes.

Baby Formula. Unlike the adults, kids are less aware and twice prone to health risks. That includes fluoride intake particularly in formula milk. Formula milk can disturb child’s teeth development. This is why breastfeeding the most appropriate drink for kids. If the mother experiences issues in producing milk, they can opt for milks from cows, sheep, and goats.

Balance is and will always be the key. While fluoride helps teeth whiten, do not forget its disturbing effects should you acquire more of it than usual.