When to Consider Bone Grafting?

When to Consider Bone Grafting?


 A dental implant is truly beneficial in terms of enhancing and maximizing the oral health of a person. Unluckily, not all individuals are fit or allowed to consider this procedure. The main cause of this is the incapability of the jaw to support the treatment. This is either because the jaw deteriorates from a tooth loss or any condition that is brought from periodontal disease. Once the jaw weakens, there is a huge chance that it might not support any dental appliance. Checkout their dental office for more info.

Due to the increasing number of demand in this category, experts suggest bone grafting. Bone grafting dental procedure is an oral surgery that repairs the damaged jaw bone with an application of IV sedation. This approach includes the extraction of bones coming from the other parts of the body. Most of the time, the dentist performs bone grafting from the chin or at the back lower part of the jaw. This is because it’s the most convenient part of the body. However, the level of the bone grafting procedure depends on the patient’s condition. If it involves multiple operations, then the dentist might take out larger amount of bones. He may choose the hip bone part of the body since it has significant number of healthy bones.


Regardless of the condition, areas where bone marrows are abundant are still the best option to choose when aiming for successful healing. This is because bone marrows contain live cells that help maintain fast healing process after undergoing bone grafting procedure. But the question is what if the patient doesn’t have enough bone marrows? Worry no more because dentists can still acquire those from animals like cows and cadavers. On the contrary, you may also opt for synthetic materials.


Bone grafting is actually beneficial especially if you want to consider dental implant procedure. In addition, this can be done inside the dental office of your dentist. But be reminded that this case is based upon the number of your bone grafting procedure. In short, bone grafting can be extensive. Example is if you have more than one operation, then the best option to consider is to have it inside the hospital premises. In connection to this oral surgery, the dentist will numb the parts wherein the bone is extracted as well as the jaw part where the grafting procedure is expected. After that, the dentist will assess the number of bones to be extracted. An incision will be used afterwards in locating the bones in the jaw or chin. Once everything is set, the dentist can now place the healthy bone on the damaged one.


The cost of bone grafting procedure depends on the material used. If the dentist used a synthetic material or bones from cadavers or cows, the cost runs from $200 to $1,200. If the dentist extracts bone from the patient itself, the normal cost is $2,000-$3,000. This is because it usually involves two surgical sites. Typically, bone grafting procedure is included in dental implant procedure – should you decide to incorporate one. However, be reminded that dental implants are not covered by insurances. Therefore, the entire cost of the procedure may not be as delightful as it should be.


Of course, to avoid this kind of hassle, you need to take good care of your oral health. Always apply the right oral hygiene and be cautious on things that you eat. Make sure that it doesn’t afflict any bad elements towards your teeth.