Why Extracting Wisdom Teeth is Necessary?

The teeth are extraordinary. Apart from helping us showcase an excellent smile, teeth are also aiding us from executing the day to day routines like eating. Wisdom teeth are situated at the upper and lower areas of the mouth.


Also known as the third molar, wisdom teeth are practically used for proper chewing and biting. Although wisdom teeth are undeniably strong and robust, they are still susceptible to threat. This is the true explanation why wisdom teeth extraction is required. Unlike the other tooth parts, removing the wisdom teeth is pretty normal especially to young adults. However, there are some who chose to neglect it which results to excruciating pain. If you plan to extract your wisdom tooth, contact an emergency 24 Chicago dentist.


Simple Overview of Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Basically, when the wisdom teeth are affected, a number of dental problems start to transpire. The following dental problems explained below are the possible issues caused by an impacted wisdom tooth:


Wisdom teeth are technically safe when they are properly fit into the mouth. Sad to say, holding well-aligned wisdom teeth is pretty rare today. As an instance, impacted wisdom teeth happen when the jaw is too large. Wisdom teeth are not easy to accommodate if the jaw is small. When this happens, the impacted teeth may shift on different ways, allowing countless oral problems to penetrate.


Pain due to extreme pressure – As what is explained a while ago, impacted wisdom teeth happen because the jaw is not large enough to accommodate them. In this complication, the mouth involuntarily squeeze the teeth which results to discomfort and sharp pain. This oral problem is pretty common especially if the upper and lower molars are close enough to one another.


Infections in the gums – Gum infection happens when bacteria are trapped inside the wisdom teeth. More often than not, this causes infection which leads to extreme pain, swelling and stiffness of the jaw. If this type of complication is neglected, it may cause severe health conditions.


Decayed teeth – Tooth decay is extremely popular in the past and even during the present times. Like what is described earlier, wisdom teeth are located at the very back part of the mouth, hence they are pretty much hard to reach. An impacted wisdom tooth impedes you from doing proper hygiene. Since most toothbrushes cannot reach diseased wisdom teeth, tooth decay becomes severe. In short, insufficient proper hygiene leads to numerous bacteria and dental plaque build-up.


Cyst – An overlooked diseased wisdom tooth develops a fluid filled sac or commonly called as the cyst. Although this case is rare, a cyst may be a root cause of severe health damages like tumor. When tumor starts to grow, the jaw may get damaged.


The aforementioned dental problems are not something that you can just neglect. In case you bumped into these signs, contact your personal dentist right ahead. With your dentist, your inquiries shall be answered with satisfaction. For this reason, you can uncover that wisdom tooth extraction is not so bad at all.


Why Extract Wisdom Teeth?

To most, extracting the tooth appears to be painful and difficult to handle. Apparently, extracting the wisdom tooth is not that bad. Basically, wisdom teeth extraction can be done by two dental experts – the oral and maxillofacial surgeon and the dentist. Apart from going to a hospital facility, extracting the wisdom teeth can also be achieved in the surgeon’s or dentist’s office.


In this procedure, the dentist or surgeon will numb the area using a local anesthesia. However, a general anesthesia might be needed in case you plan to extract all of your wisdom teeth. Since there are anxious patients, general anesthesia is pretty useful in coping with this kind of patients. General anesthesia allows you to get drowsy or unconscious all throughout the procedure. This can as well help you relax and cozy as the associated pain and discomfort in this procedure are impeded. To help you prepare for the local or general anesthetic, the dentist will suggest you to avoid any contact of any food or drinks prior to the said procedure. Obviously, you are required to opt for a hospital facility in case you are prone to complications.


Like other treatments, wisdom teeth extraction has its own share of side effects such as dry socket and paresthesia. For complications such as those, contact your dentist straight away. Complications can be stopped with an immediate dental assistance.


Be reminded that it’s better to experience pain for good purposes. Fortunately, facing it is no longer an option considering that local or general anesthesia is there to save you.