Why Men Are Prone to Mouth Cancer?

With regards to dental care, men are discovered to be lesser active. This is proved to the majority of male species who have lesser appointments with their dentists. For this reason, men are more prone to dental problems. And aside from periodontal or gum disease, men are uncovered and found out to be much vulnerable to pharyngeal cancer, also known as mouth or oral cancer.Why Men Are Prone to Mouth Cancer

Based on reliable source, 45 percent of men do not go to regular dental checkups. This is roughly 40,000 male population of the United States. Skipping dental consultations alone prompt viruses which might cause mouth cancer. Great news is you have us you can count on.

While men become alarmed with this fact, it pays to learn more about our entire dental health.

Our mouth has an intricate set of teeth and tissues. These areas allow us to communicate and speak properly. Not to mention the countless bacteria that support good digestion. Unfortunately, the process exposes 10 percent of men towards mouth cancer which is widely known as the oral HPV or the Oral Human Papilloma Virus. Studies show, the 10 percent of men with oral HPV infection are in the age of 14 to 69.

Recent findings verified that carriers of oral HPV infections are 14 times prone to mouth cancer. Without immediate assistance, the infection might result to fatality. For this reason, individuals regardless of age and gender are advised to participate with regular dental checkups. Most cases, the infections are prevented during its earliest stage.

That reason alone allows individuals to perceive the several symptoms of mouth cancer.

One of the most common signs and symptoms of mouth cancer are swellings and thickenings of the lips, gums and other parts of the mouth. Most carriers also acquire lumps and rough spots in the entire mouth. Development of velvety red or white patches can also be a sign of oral cancer. Moreover, this involves unexplained in the gums and mouth. Also, if you feel strange numbness or pain in different areas of your face, neck and mouth, consider seeking professional help. Usually, this can be the warning sign of mouth cancer.

Other warning signs and symptoms are constant mouth, face and neck sores. This sign results to intense bleeding that usually lasts more than 14 days. The soreness may also exist at the back part of the throat which often is accompanied by chronic sore throat and hoarseness. Another signs are difficulty of chewing, speaking, swallowing and moving of the jaw or tongue. If you’re wearing dentures, you can also detect a sign of mouth cancer virus thru the fit of your denture or strange changes of your teeth. Furthermore, the other alarming signs of mouth cancer are ear pain and strange weight loss.

By any case you see any of the above-cited symptoms, never hesitate to call your personal dentist. Keep in mind that this condition exists both to men and women and is best treated during its earliest stage.

Mouth cancer is an alarming condition yet easy to prevent through healthy lifestyle, oral hygiene and regular dental checkups. If you plan to skip your dental checkup, think twice!