Face Mask Importance

Face mask plays a big, important role in our life. Not only does it protect you from any kind of disease, but, it also decrease the number of people being admitted to medical emergency. If a person that has been infected with cough, sneeze or whatnot and talks, even the smallest droplets of infection can be transmitted to another person or to other people, especially in close proximity. These days, the use of face mask comes in public frequently considering the deadly virus we’re facing right now.  Now there are different types of face masks: Disposable surgical mask and cloth face mask. With the help of face mask, especially the disposable ones, it prevents ill people from transmitting or spewing respiratory droplets out of their mouths and noses as the mask captures the large infectious droplets and they can also reduce the smallest droplets from dispersing into the air to some extent. The differences and similarities between disposable and cloth face masks will be discussed below:

Learning about face masks, like cloth face masks
  • Disposable surgical masks – disposable mask or commonly called as surgical mask, is a personal, loose-fitting disposable protective gear that can be only worn once a day. Disposable masks are being used by health professionals during medical procedures. These masks are way more effective and really protect you from catching any type of diseases that can be life threatening, especially to elderly people. You must replace your disposable mask with another one in two to four hours as small droplets, dust, and whatnot may adhere to the surface.
  • Cloth face masks – on the other hand, unlike disposable mask, these masks are re-usable and are usually used by Chicago IL dentist during appointments. You can use and reuse these masks whenever you want as long as you wash them after use and apply disinfectant spray or you can just disinfect them under the sun. Cloth face masks are safe as they can be used for four to five hours.

Keep in mind that it is also recommended to carry a bottle of hand sanitizer or disinfectant spray with you so you could disinfect or cleanse your face mask before and after using them in public.

So why is it important to wear a face mask? Like what have been stated above, face masks are the primary preventive measure to help you prevent your body from catching viruses that may out your life at risks. Besides, wearing face mask can also prevent you from inhaling polluted air from such crowded places that tends to have cars and motorcycles passing by. It gives you a sense of security in which people feel more protected and reassured.